Q : Can anyone go on a Back In Time Expedition?
A : On the most part,yes . However, persons with phsyical limitations, should keep in mind that our fossil expeditions take place in natural, untamed environments,and that you will be digging,bending and sifting,walking and carrying the provided equipment along with your lunch and drinks most of the expedition,and of course,your fossil finds.
Q : Do I have to have a permit to collect fossils?
A : No ..... Our Permit will cover you on our expeditions ,however if you fossil hunt on your own at another time,a permit is required in Florida.                                        Q : Will we find Megalodon teeth?
A : On our expeditions we search for all fossils,but Megalodon teeth are found on occaision.
Q : What should we wear?
A : Clothes that you don't mind getting wet,shorts,swim suit,t-shirts,reef shoes or an old pair of tennis shoes works best and will be easier on your feet when you are digging with the shovel.Also an old pair of socks works great with the tennis shoes,they will help keep gravel out and make you feel a bit more comfortable.A hat is also a good thing to bring,a it wide brim hat will help shade you a little,but a baseball will do fine also.
Q : Will we find fossils?
A : You bettcha , you will be fossiling at sites known to contain fossils.
Q : What type of fossils will we find?
A : You will be finding various species of shark teeth along with fossil remains of camels,giant ground sloths,giant armadillo(size of a volkswagon),bison,giant land tortoise and other turtle species,whales,dire wolf,tapir,alligator,fish vertebrae,dugong and much more !
Q : Will we find alot of fossils?
A : It is difficult to answer that,but one important factor and rule of thumb is the more work you put in digging and screening,the better your chance of finding more fossils.
Q : How will we know how old our fossils are?
A : Back In Time staff will identify your fossil finds and provide you with an approximate age
Q :Are your fossil expeditions safe?
A : As with any activity in a natural environment, there are potential dangers. Be aware at all times of your surroundings. Florida has many creatures that call Florida home.Also,when you are sorting through your sifter screens keep an eye open for sharp objects such as glass. Our staff will show you how to sort through your screens safely.Nobody has ever been hurt on our expeditions.
Q : What do we need to bring with us on the day of the expedition?
A : Along with an adventurous mind bring your lunch and plenty of cold drinks(non-alcoholic)beer and other alcoholic beverages are not permitted on our expeditions. Sunscreen and toilet paper (bathroom facilities will not be available at all of our fossiling sites).Towels and a change of clothes are also a good idea to bring.
Q: If i have to cancel my expedition, can I get a refund?
A : We at Back In Time Expeditions understand that sometimes vacation plans change. However we can only reschedule your expedition for another date, refunds will not be granted. We will be as flexible as possible in rescheduling.
Q : What days of the week do you currently offer expeditions on?
A : Currently we offer expeditions on saturdays,sundays and mondays,however,other days are available depending on the size of your group.
Q : How deep will the water be where we will be collecting fossils?
A : Our sites include many areas along the Peace River in SW Florida. The River is influenced by rainfall. In general, the water depth will not exceed past the knee on an average size adult,and on occaision close to waist deep,and other times it might be ankle deep.It just depends on the amount of rainfall we have before your expedition.We will give you a better estimation before your expedition date.
Q : How many people will be on our expedition?
A : Being that we enjoy helping each person identify their finds,locate their fossils and provide an educational experience as well,large groups might be divided as to insure the personalized service that we stride in providing.In this case experienced staff will be assigned to each group.
Q : What is the average weather/temperature like where we will be fossiling?
A : Well,during the summer months it is usually our rainy season,with higher humidity and warmer temeratures averaging between 80-90 degrees,with rain showers in the late afternoon,we usually return before the showers start,we do fossil hunt in the rain providing there are no signs of lightning.During the winter months,less humidity and less rain along with cooler temperatures,60's and 70's,80's with an occasional drop to 40's and 50's.
Q : Will we get dirty on a fossil expedition?
A : Gosh,i hope so because thats a sign you are working hard and finding more fossils. On a lighter note,remember,you will be in the water most of the time and will be more wet then dirty...